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Where are you located?
We're in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you shoot models in other locations?
As a general rule, we're looking for girls in Atlanta or Athens and the surrounding areas. However, we may offer opportunities to travel for beach and other location shoots for models who we establish particularly productive relationships with.

Do you shoot males?
Very rarely. Most of our assignments call for females only.

What documentation do I need?

You must be at least 18 years of age and provide us with two forms of identification. At least one of the IDs should be a legally issued government ID that shows both photo and birthday such as driver's license or passport.

How much do you pay?
This depends upon the nature of the assignment. As a general rule the more flesh you show, the higher the pay rate will be with fitness and swimsuit shots being on the low end and nudes far and away being on the high end. Your pay will always be a flat rate for the session which will be agreed upon by both us and the model before the appointment for the shoot is ever made. You'll know exactly what is expected of you and how much you're going to get paid in advance.

When do I get paid?

You get paid on the same day we shoot, we settle up at the end of the shoot.

How long does a shoot take?
We do two types of sessions typically. The first is a half day or evening session which will generally last 2-4 hours. The second is a full day session which can last anywhere from 5-8 hours and will typically include a break for lunch or dinner, which we will provide.

What about hair/make-up/clothes?
For most shoots you will do your own hair and make-up and will be instructed on what type of outfits to bring. For extended shoots or models that we have a long term relationship with, we will provide some wardrobe.

What types of shoots do you do?

We regularly have assignments for swimsuit, fitness, lingerie and nude shoots.

What types of poses will be expected for nude shoots?

We primarily shoot tasteful softcore "girl next door" type photos. A typical nude set will basically be a strip tease. You start dressed in an outfit, and you are instructed by the photographer as you undress until you are fully nude. Typically only the 15-20% of the shots will be while you are fully nude. We will take some spread shots. And in at least one of the sets for a session, if the model is agreeable a toy will be provided.

Do I have to do anything I'm not comfortable with?

Absolutely not! We like to establish long term relationships with our models and have high call-back rates, so your comfort is of extreme importance to us.

Do you pay referral or finder's fees?
Absolutely! Even if we don't shoot you, if you refer us a friend who we shoot, you'll get a referral fee. We do also pay finder's fees for anyone who can successful recruit models and refer them to us. If you think you have an eye for talent and can talk them into giving modeling a shot, we would love to talk to you. Drop us an email at .

What about couples shoots?
You're being hired as a solo model. It is not expected for you to shoot with anyone else. However, if you WANT to shoot with a boyfriend or girlfriend, we can arrange for that kind of shoot. Everyone who appears in front on camera will be paid and there is a premium for couples shoots.

Can I bring a boyfriend or girlfriend with me who does not want to shoot?
By all means if it will make you more comfortable bring someone with you to check out the shoot location, our photographers and make sure you feel comfortable and secure. However, they will not be allowed in the room we actually shoot in due to matters of practicality. First off, we often shoot in somewhat cramped quarters and there's no room. Everyone ends up running all over each other and you get stray bodyparts in the resulting photos. Also, if a boyfriend or girlfriend is in the room it is often a major distraction as the model tends to be distracted or cater to their friend instead of the photographer.

Who will be involved with the shoot itself other than me?

Noramlly it will be one photographer and one videographer. While the shoot is going on, you'll never be left alone with a male staff member.

Do I have to sign a contract?
You will be required to sign a standard model release at each shoot. That is not the same as a contract. If we establish a long term relationship with you to build a site around you, etc, then we may requie a contract.

I have more questions before I apply, how can I contact you?

No problem, send us an email at . We'll get back to you promptly.